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Video Services

process servers with video services in AlabamaUsing cutting-edge video services allows our Process Servers to provide proof of document delivery.

Tired of paying to have someone served and not being 100% confident that it actually happened? STRAT8G Process proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Others say they served the papers, but we provide video proof of it!
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When you are absolutely counting on documents being served and need peace of mind too, there isn’t any substitute for a digital record of it. In addition to a service affidavit, this becomes the irrefutable proof. Don’t settle for less.

Process Servers with Video Services

At STRAT8G Process, the video services we provide go above and beyond to prove transactions. Regardless of what’s being received, delivered, stored, or filed, we treat each request with the highest importance. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Documenting the service you hired us for should be an industry standard, but it isn’t.

The body cameras that our process servers wear are small and discrete. Even so, they are some of the most technologically advanced high-definition cameras available. The best part is that they also have complete audio capability. The built-in microphone is weather-resistant and provides crystal-clear audio as well.

So let’s put this into perspective. You pay your old process server company and they tell you the documents were delivered. You’re trusting they did and go about your business. Now, you hire STRAT8G Process to do it and we send an email with video and audio proof that we did. Which one lets you sleep easy at night? Exactly! The one that proves it.

Should Process Servers Wear Body Cameras?

According to NAPPS (National Association of Professional Process Servers), the advantages of wearing body cameras are many. Having these video services provides an indisputable record of evidence. To begin with, having this method along with the service affidavit is rock-solid in court cases. Furthermore, they serve as a deterrent to incriminating behavior when serving the person. Finally, rest assured that we will only use bodycams in states that allow single consent. STRAT8G Process follows and obeys any and all laws that apply to the service of process.

STRAT8G Process servers offer video services as proof of delivery and transactions in Alabama only.

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