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Service of Process

service of process company in AlabamaHas a Service of Process company left you frustrated? Paying good money for results that are hit or miss can make you feel that way.

At STRAT8G Process, our process servers produce fast and accurate results. Each process server goes through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they exceed our high standards.

We get your people served and provide video proof of delivery!
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We offer several levels of service to meet your service of process needs. With 24/7 access to our online case management system, you can submit orders online and track your cases online too. Additionally, you can download affidavits, and much more!

Alabama Process Servers

Centrally located in the State of Alabama, STRAT8G Process is strategically convenient for any client. OUR process servers provide our services in locations throughout the united states too. This means that no matter where you need to have someone served, we can do it. The first thing we’ll want to know is how soon do you need the person served? We understand that time plays a crucial role in delivering the results you need. Because of this, we offer 3 levels of service to fit your needs, which are:

  • Standard – The first attempt takes place within 7 days, with 3 attempts made prior to expiring.
  • Priority – The first attempt occurs within 24 hours and serving the person happens within 72 hours.
  • Same Day Service – The first attempt happens on the same day of serving the person. (24 hours)

In many cases, we use all of the techniques of skip tracing, records searches, video services, and legal document couriers to produce effective results. Additionally, our process servers will be wearing a body camera to provide evidence of the transaction.

What is Service of Process? Probably one of the best definitions would be a formal procedure in which a person who is having legal action taken against them is properly served official notice about it. This written or physical notice can be produced by courts, law firms, landlords, etc. In most cases, the notifying body requests a formal response from that person.

Service of Process Cost

According to NAPPS, in 2022 the average cost to hire a process server ranges from $20 to $100 per job. While that may be a fair estimate, it’s only as good as the results you get. STRAT8G Process offers some of the most affordable rates for our service of process offerings. More importantly, our great prices pale in comparison to the dependability we provide to our clients.

We specialize in Service of Process in Alabama and the entire United States.

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