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Are you sick and tired of throwing money away on process serving companies who don’t deliver results you’ve paid them for? STRAT8G Process gets the job done efficiently, affordably, and consistently.

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STRAT8G Process – Professional Process Servers

local process servers near meLooking for affordable process servers who deliver results and not excuses? STRAT8G Process provides expert results at a price that matches the performance.

stop throwing precious time and money away on process servers that don’t deliver results! Let us show you what real performance looks like!
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Based in northcentral Alabama, we serve clients locally and nationwide. From coast to coast, more and more people are turning to us because we simply get the job done.

When time just isn’t a luxury and you absolutely, positively have to have your documents served, filed, or retrieved; we’re the ones to call.

Process Serving Company in Alabama

Our company has a proven reputation for delivering results-driven processing services for our clients. Whether your needs are right here in Alabama, or anywhere in the United States, we can help. As a full-service firm, there isn’t anything we can’t do.

SERVICE OF PROCESS – At STRAT8G Process, our process servers produce fast and accurate results that are affordable.
VIDEO SERVICES – Our dedicated process servers can provide video proof of the transaction and a service affidavit.
SKIP TRACING – Our industry-leading research services will provide accurate information for those hard-to-find individuals.
DOCUMENT COURIER – Need a messenger service to retrieve or file a legal document? STRAT8G Process is fast & efficient.
RECORDS SEARCH – Criminal, Public, Property or People Searches are just one of the many services we offer.
NATIONWIDE SERVICES – STRAT8G Process is a nationwide company serving all of the United States of America.


Who would you rather use? Your local Sheriff’s Department is most likely overwhelmed with court documents trying to get them out for service. They typically work limited hours trying to achieve this goal. A Process Server on the other hand does not have certain work hours and will attempt service at different times during the day and evening, allowing for a better service return rate.

The Sheriff’s Department will serve court documents related to County and State filings, but you will need a Process Server for Federal Court Filings. The Sheriff’s Department generally charges a low fixed rate for service versus a higher rate for a Process Server.

However, a Process Server can give you a better service return rate, faster results, and will communicate with you directly about your subject. In most cases, a Process Server can also locate your subject for you when the Sheriff’s Department will only go to the address given on the documents.

“Cheaper is not always better…”

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